The goal is to jointly explore, resolve and transform psycho-emotional issues that have settled in the body and mind in various ways, so that they can come to light and start to flow.
We work out the issues at hand through various methods. We start with a dialogical process and begin a transformation dialogically, combined with breathing techniques and, if needed and desired, an energetic bodywork I call “Contemplative Touch”. It consists of a combination of acupressure, breathing techniques and touch.

We create a mind-body connection using breathing and meditation techniques and shared dialogue. In my many years of experience in counseling and guiding people, I have developed various tools.

Manifested blockages are released so that the energies can flow freely again. One could also call it a kind of body meditation, which also leads to an expansion of one’s own body perception and to deep relaxation.

A session takes 1-2 hours, depending on your needs. The methods are individually chosen and very gently adapted to the situation and respective development.

Fee: at mutual discretion. I also do home visits.

My work is accompanied by supervision