Dogen Zenji says:
“We never know where, on the grass by the path, our dew-drop life will fall.”

I was born in a small rural town in Austria. In 2019, I received priest ordination from Hoko Karnegis in the lineage of Shohaku Okumura Roshi. I am registered in “Soto Zen Buddhism North America”, the North American Sotoshu Shumucho Association, and practice with my sangha in Vienna.

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I have two grown-up children, am already a grandfather and live in Vienna with my wife, with whom I run a trading company. I am a volunteer in the NGO 1000 hands, where we are currently planning a housing project. We are also prison chaplains and take care of the homeless.

Works published:

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ÖBR Magazin 4/2019

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Andreas Hagn
Mobile phone: +43 (676) 7906230
Dr. Schober Strasse 73
1130 Vienna

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